About Doug Hall

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By Doug Hall

1982 – Ronald Reagan: The Politics of Image, Video 80 Magazine, #4, San Francisco Video Festival

1986 – Thoughts on Landscape in Nature and Industry in Resolution: A Critque of Video Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Patti Podesti editor.

1993 – The GDR Project: Notes on the Photographs

1995 – Thoughts on Neighborhood Watch

1997 – Notes on Walter Benjamin and Allegory

1999 – Memo to a Rebellious Class

2000 – Shibuya

2001 – On the Occasion of Crossing A Street in Hanoi

2002 – Variations on A New York Times Photograph (from Terminal Landscape)

2005 – Concerning the Opera Houses

2006 – The Impulse to Order, Public Talk at SFMOMA in Conjunction with the Exhibition, Imposing Order: Contemporary Photography and the Archive

2007 – On Mediate Immediacy

2000-2009 – Short Statements

2010 – Scenes from A Western Movie

2010 – Notes on Jacques Ranciere and Emancipation